tuna sandwich


you can’t write essay after essay about wanting representation in mainstream media and then when it finally comes you decide it’s not good enough for you

like correct me if i’m wrong but a teen lesbian coming of age story on mtv seems like exactly what everyone is always saying they want I just don’t get….why…… why u gotta play me like this

like example a of how this fucking website doesn’t fact check before screaming about shit they don’t understand in the first place

faking it is literally a show about a fucking lesbian. it is LITERALLY a show from a queer perspective. she isn’t pretending to be gay she is an actual genuine teen lesbian goddamn you guys. i leave for two seconds and you scratch up the couch again.

y’all are acting like faking it isn’t about a lesbian protagonist

"you know what would look great on this wall?? a painting of some wine bottles. on a dirty ass wooden table. with some grapes and shit. and in acrylic. yeah…. classy…. motherly…….i’m making a barbeque chicken for dinner tonight………."

what is it with moms and hanging paintings of wine bottles on every available vertical surface

*adjusts my socks under my sandals* coachella????? is that some kind of tumblr feminist sjw bullshit term???


© Andrea Spotorno / Modern Matter SS2014.


© Andrea Spotorno / Modern Matter SS2014.

i got accepted to calarts character animation pro pro

cool cool very cool awesome